All insights about style are regrouped in one Metric:

  • NunoMaduro\PhpInsights\Domain\Metrics\Style\Style Style

Closing tag ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks that the file does not end with a closing tag.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PSR2\Sniffs\Files\ClosingTagSniff

End file newline ^1.0 Style

This sniff ensures the file ends with a newline character.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PSR2\Sniffs\Files\EndFileNewlineSniff

Side effects ^1.0 Style

This sniff ensures a file declares new symbols and causes no other side effects, or executes logic with side effects, but not both.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PSR1\Sniffs\Files\SideEffectsSniff

Git merge conflict ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks for merge conflict artifacts.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\VersionControl\GitMergeConflictSniff

Byte order mark ^1.0 Style

This sniff detects BOMs that may corrupt application work.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Files\ByteOrderMarkSniff

Line endings ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff checks that end of line characters are correct.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Files\LineEndingsSniff

\PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Files\LineEndingsSniff::class => [
    'eolChar' => '\n',

Function closing brace ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks that the closing brace of a function goes directly after the body.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PSR2\Sniffs\Methods\FunctionClosingBraceSniff

Object operator indent ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff checks that object operators are indented correctly.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PEAR\Sniffs\WhiteSpace\ObjectOperatorIndentSniff

\PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PEAR\Sniffs\WhiteSpace\ObjectOperatorIndentSniff::class => [
    'indent' => 4,

Scope closing brace ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff checks that the closing braces of scopes are aligned correctly.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PEAR\Sniffs\WhiteSpace\ScopeClosingBraceSniff

\PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PEAR\Sniffs\WhiteSpace\ScopeClosingBraceSniff::class => [
    'indent' => 4,

Disallow long array syntax ^1.0 Style

This sniff bans the use of the PHP long array syntax (array()). Use [] instead.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Arrays\DisallowLongArraySyntaxSniff

Line length ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff checks the length of all lines in a file.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Files\LineLengthSniff

\PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Files\LineLengthSniff::class => [
    'lineLimit' => 80,
    'absoluteLineLimit' => 100,
    'ignoreComments' => false,

Space after cast ^1.0 Style

This sniff ensures there is a single space after cast tokens.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Formatting\SpaceAfterCastSniff

Space after not ^1.0 Style

This sniff ensures there is a single space after a NOT operator.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Formatting\SpaceAfterNotSniff

Function call argument spacing ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks that calls to methods and functions are spaced correctly.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Functions\FunctionCallArgumentSpacingSniff

Character before PHP opening tag ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks that the opening PHP tag is the first content in a file.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\PHP\CharacterBeforePHPOpeningTagSniff

Backtick Operator ^1.0 Style

This sniff disallows the use of the backtick execution operator.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\PHP\BacktickOperatorSniff

Disallow alternative PHP tags ^1.0 Style

This sniff verifies that no alternative PHP tags are used.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\PHP\DisallowAlternativePHPTagsSniff

Disallow short open tag ^1.0 Style

This sniff makes sure that shorthand PHP open tags are not used.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\PHP\DisallowShortOpenTagSniff

Forbidden functions ^1.0 Code\Functions

This sniff discourages the use of alias functions.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\PHP\ForbiddenFunctionsSniff

Lower case constant ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks that all uses of true, false and null are lowercase.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\PHP\LowerCaseConstantSniff

Lower case keyword ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks that all PHP keywords are lowercase.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\PHP\LowerCaseKeywordSniff

Lower case type ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks that all PHP types are lowercase.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\PHP\LowerCaseTypeSniff

SAPI Usage ^1.0 Style

This sniff ensures the PHP_SAPI constant is used instead of php_sapi_name().

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\PHP\SAPIUsageSniff

Syntax ^1.0 Style

This sniff ensures PHP believes the syntax is clean.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\PHP\SyntaxSniff

Trailing array comma ^1.0 Style

This sniff enforces trailing commas in multi-line arrays and requires short array syntax []. Commas after last element in an array make adding a new element easier and result in a cleaner versioning diff.

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Arrays\TrailingArrayCommaSniff

Arbitraty parentheses spacing ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks whitespace on the inside of arbitrary parentheses.

Arbitrary parentheses are those which are not owned by a function (call), array or control structure. Spacing on the outside is not checked on purpose as this would too easily conflict with other spacing rules.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\WhiteSpace\ArbitraryParenthesesSpacingSniff

Disallow tab indent ^1.0 Style

This sniff throws errors if tabs are used for indentation.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\WhiteSpace\DisallowTabIndentSniff

Increment decrement spacing ^1.0 Style

This sniff verifies spacing between variables and increment/decrement operators.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\WhiteSpace\IncrementDecrementSpacingSniff

Language construct spacing ^1.0 Style

This sniff ensures all language constructs contain a single space between themselves and their content.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Squiz\Sniffs\WhiteSpace\LanguageConstructSpacingSniff

Camel caps method name ^1.0 Style

This sniff ensures method names are defined using camel case.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PSR1\Sniffs\Methods\CamelCapsMethodNameSniff

Else If declaration ^1.0 Style

This sniff verifies that there are no else if statements (elseif should be used instead).

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PSR2\Sniffs\ControlStructures\ElseIfDeclarationSniff

Switch declaration ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff ensures all switch statements are defined correctly.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PSR2\Sniffs\ControlStructures\SwitchDeclarationSniff

\PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PSR2\Sniffs\ControlStructures\SwitchDeclarationSniff::class => [
    'indent' => 4,

Upper case constant name ^1.0 Style

This sniff ensures that constant names are all uppercase.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\NamingConventions\UpperCaseConstantNameSniff

Alphabetically sorted uses ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks whether uses at the top of a file are alphabetically sorted. Follows natural sorting and takes edge cases with special symbols into consideration.

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Namespaces\AlphabeticallySortedUsesSniff

Namespace Spacing ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff enforces configurable number of lines before and after namespace.

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Namespaces\NamespaceSpacingSniff

\SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Namespaces\NamespaceSpacingSniff::class => [
    'linesCountBeforeNamespace' => 1,
    'linesCountAfterNamespace' => 1,

Require one namespace in file ^1.0 Style

This sniff checks there is only one namespace in a file.

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Namespaces\RequireOneNamespaceInFileSniff

Unused uses ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff detects unused use in a file.

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Namespaces\UnusedUsesSniff

\SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Namespaces\UnusedUsesSniff::class => [
    'searchAnnotations' => false,
    'ignoredAnnotationNames' => [], // case sensitive list of annotation names that the sniff should ignore (only the name is ignored, annotation content is still searched). Useful for name collisions like @testCase annotation and TestCase class.
    'ignoredAnnotations' => [], // case sensitive list of annotation names that the sniff ignore completely (both name and content are ignored). Useful for name collisions like @group Cache annotation and Cache class

Use does not start with Backslash ^1.0 Style

This sniff disallows leading backslash in use statement.

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Namespaces\UseDoesNotStartWithBackslashSniff

Use spacing sniff ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff enforces configurable number of lines before first use, after last use and between two use statements.

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Namespaces\UseSpacingSniff

\SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Namespaces\UseSpacingSniff::class => [
    'linesCountBeforeFirstUse' => 1,
    'linesCountBetweenUseTypes' => 0,
    'linesCountAfterLastUse' => 1,

Spread operator spacing ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff enforces configurable number of spaces after the ... operator.

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Operators\SpreadOperatorSpacingSniff

\SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Operators\SpreadOperatorSpacingSniff::class => [
    'spacesCountAfterOperator' => 0,

Short list ^1.0 Style

This sniff enforces using short form of list syntax, [...] instead of list(...).

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\PHP\ShortListSniff

Parameter type hint spacing ^1.0 Style

This sniff

  • checks that there's a single space between a typehint and a parameter name: Foo $foo
  • checks that there's no whitespace between a nullability symbol and a typehint: ?Foo

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\TypeHints\ParameterTypeHintSpacingSniff

Return type hint spacing ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff enforces consistent formatting of return typehints.

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\TypeHints\ReturnTypeHintSpacingSniff

\SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\TypeHints\ReturnTypeHintSpacingSniff::class => [
    'spacesCountBeforeColon' => 0,

Superfluous Whitespace ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff checks for unneeded whitespace.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Squiz\Sniffs\WhiteSpace\SuperfluousWhitespaceSniff

\PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Squiz\Sniffs\WhiteSpace\SuperfluousWhitespaceSniff::class => [
    'ignoreBlankLines' => false,

Doc comment spacing ^1.0 Style configurable

This sniff enforces configurable number of lines before first content (description or annotation), after last content (description or annotation), between description and annotations, between two different annotations types (eg. between @param and @return).

Insight Class: SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Commenting\DocCommentSpacingSniff

\SlevomatCodingStandard\Sniffs\Commenting\DocCommentSpacingSniff::class => [
    'linesCountBeforeFirstContent' => 0,
    'linesCountBetweenDescriptionAndAnnotations' => 1,
    'linesCountBetweenDifferentAnnotationsTypes' => 0,
    'linesCountBetweenAnnotationsGroups' => 1,
    'linesCountAfterLastContent' => 0,
    'annotationsGroups' => [],

Class instantiation ^1.0 Style

This sniff verifies that classes are instantiated with parentheses.

Insight Class: PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\PSR12\Sniffs\Classes\ClassInstantiationSniff